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A floor-standing, discrete and random access clinical chemistry analyzer offering constant 200 tests per hour.

· Discrete, random access, fully automated, bench-top
· Constant 200 tests per hour, up to 330 tests per hour with ISE
· Auto washing system with pre-warmed detergent and water
· Grating optical system
· 150μl minimum reaction volume
· Independent mixing bar
· Reusable reaction cuvettes
· Bi-directional connection to LIS host

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A floor-standing, discrete and random access clinical chemistry analyzer  offering a constant 300 tests per hour.

· Constant 300 tests per hour, up to 450 tests per hour  with ISE (K, Na, Cl)
· 24-hour refrigeration for reagent tray
· Reusable cuvettes with auto-washing station
· Independent mixing stirrer (two-in-one)
· Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection and crash protection (vertical & horizontal)
· Reversed grating system with 12 wavelengths
· Built-in bar code scanner
· Pre-dilution and post-dilution for sample
· Bi-directional LIS interface

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MINDRAY Semi Auto Photometer BA 88a

All Around Semi Auto Photometer which already used widely in more than thousand labs and hospitals. Touch Screen input, QC Graphics, and Open system to all open reagents.

· 7.0” TFT touch-screen & pop-up keypad
· Two test mode: flowcell or cuvette
· Supports bi-chromatic tests for end point, fixed-time, kinetics methods
· External keyboard or mouse support via USB
· User-friendly interface and multi-language operation software
· Built-in thermal printer

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