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CoaDATA 4004

Semi-automated 4-channel coagulation analyzer for fast and accurate determination of coagulation, chromogenic and immunturbidimetric assays. Compact in size, easy to operate, this analyzer is the ideal partner for the mid-size coagulation laboratory with slightly increased throughput.

  • 4 Measuring channels

  • 4 Reagent positions (1x stirred)

  • 16 Cuvette incubation positions

  • Internal thermal printer

  • Open System, free editable reagent parameter

  • 15 programmable test positions

  • Automated calculation of seconds, INR, %, g/l, mg/dl, Ratio, mE, ng/dl

  • 2 editable calibration-/reference curves (9 points)

  • Patient-ID, numeric and alphanumeric (Barcode)

  • Uni-directional HOST communication

  • Multi-language user interface (DE, EN, ES, FR, PT, RU)

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CoaLAB 1000

The CoaLAB 1000 is a compact fully automated clotting, chromogenic and immunturbidimetric coagulation analyzer. It is designed for low and medium volume laboratories or as a reliable backup system in larger labs.

  • LED Photometer (photo-mechanic), incl. reference channels

  • 405nm or 405, 570 and 750nm (depending on analyzer)

  • Magnetic stir bar for homogenizing the test approach and increase of sensitivity

  • 32 cuvette ring for single use

  • Micro volume: 150┬Ál test volume

  • Throughput ca. 120 PT/h (depends on test approach)

  • Plasma Samples

  • 2 x 11 sample positions adjustable for different primary tubes

  • 15 x reagent positions (3 x 15 ml stirred, 12 x 5 ml)

  • 3 x STAT positions

  • 2 x Washer/Cleaner positions

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